Inside The Trunk

At The Trunk, we create art that can be worn. Our creations go through an intricate artistic process, starting from imagination to production. Every item of clothing that you see starts off as an idea that is hand-painted as an artwork by Krithika P.B. This artwork is then shared with highly skilled traditional artisans, who reimagine it as cultural art that can be worn and reinterpreted in a different medium. Next, the reimagined art piece finds its way back as a fabric that is cut, stitched and tailored to the sizes that you can choose from. At The Trunk, we take great pride in our creative process, and we hope you enjoy seeing and wearing our creations.

Our Story

The Trunk exists to fill a glaring gap in the fashion industry today. With fast fashion and mass-produced clothes becoming the norm, the Trunk was founded by Krithika P.B, for those who are looking for special, one-off items of clothing coupled with the ease of choosing from pre-decided sizes.

Our Ethics

The Trunk is the antithesis of fast fashion. We work to create our product as sustainably as possible. The core of our belief is to culturally represent each of the artisans who work on our creations, whom we supply with ethically sourced materials to create clothing that is truly one of a kind.

About Floral Element
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Founder’s Bio

Our founder, Krithika P.B entered the world of fashion through the lens of a multidisciplinary artist. As a dyslexic student going through the rigid education system, Krithika P.B found solace in art, which helped her visualize her thoughts and breathe her ideas into existence. Krithika was inspired at an early age by her mother, who did not ever buy a piece of clothing - choosing instead to create her entire wardrobe herself. By mastering the skill of stitching by age 15, Krithika channelled her love of art into becoming a proficient fashion designer. Having rounded off her skills by studying at JD Institute Of Fashion Technology and Fad International Mumbai, she went on to build a career that bore fruit when her work was featured in Vogue Italia, modelled by icons like Vijay Sethupathi and others.

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